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2 april 2024

Our plan

Housing, Education, Entrepreneurship. Brussels is unique. We live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where freedom and justice are ingrained in the city's DNA. This has made Brussels a progressive beacon of light in a sometimes dark and gloomy world....

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26 march 2024

Use Your Vote! Registration European Elections: 31/03

Europe is above all a community of values. It is a unifying project about big and small things. About peace. About well-being, economy, and prosperity. About working together for a better climate and, of course, about democracy. Therefore, let your voice be heard. Vote...

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20 june 2023

Canal It Up geeft uitleg over het Kanaal, de Zenne, de riolen, … - Een waterbeleid voor Brussel

Brussel - De vzw Canal It Up ( ) trekt aan de alarmbel. “Brussel gaat de Europese doelstellingen Kaderrichtlijn Water, die nota bene in Brussel werd opgesteld, niet halen tegen 2027. Het is niet zeker of dat in 2033, de volgende deadline, wel het geval zal zijn.” Pieter...

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